Client story

Łukasz Smacki


With our support, he obtained financing for the development of his startup – an unique platform for law firms.

Łukasz Smacki has founded the startup Sprawy24 (Matters24), which develops an app to manage the work of law firms in the SaaS model.
After the product was completed, launched and verified by the first clients, further development of the company required the support of an external investor.

Łukasz managed to gain the interest of the investment fund, which invested in the company, enabling its further development.

?At the beginning of Matters24, we were working on the company by our own efforts and means. We had our first clients almost immediately – it was them from who we learned about the lack of a dedicated solution for law firms.
Our platform was well received. However, it quickly appeared to us, that if we want to think about further development, we need more fuel in the form of financing.
We organized and held many valuable meetings and talks with individual and institutional investors. At the end, we concluded an agreement with one of them, obtaining financing which enabled further development of the platform and company’s expansion in Poland.? ? Łukasz Smacki


potential investors
number of customers in 2 years from the transaction
7 months
duration of the transaction

?Thanks to the cooperation with PROFESCAPITAL we found ourselves in the investor community and obtained capital for further development. Our Partners carried out the whole process step by step. They organized a series of meetings with investors and instructed us on what issues we should pay special attention to during the talks. Our cooperation was substantive and, above all, effective.?